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PLC-5 Conversion Program

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Control Systems Engineering

We offer a full range of engineering services, including:  programming, project management, batch solutions, legacy system upgrades, electrical control panel design, training, and safety services.

OEM and Custom Panel Fabrication

We provide a full range of fabrication services for OEM and custom panels, including:  control panel design, drawing creation, panel fabrication, panel testing and configuration, and start-up services at your site. 

On-Site Commissioning Service and Support

Our professional support services include:  Initial site review and systems baseline, phone and remote service available 24/7, preventive maintenance login/reviews and site service, system enhancements, maintain and implement work-list items for improvements/non-critical items, monthly reporting of all service efforts.

Legacy System Upgrades

We help customers upgrade systems to update technology, increase speed or improve safety.

Plant Expansions

We handle integration, electrical, mechanical, and project management to fit the needs of your project.

Unreliable System Improvements

Have manufacturing issues? We help our customers address production stoppages and quality issues.


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