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Complimentary System Assessment Call

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PLC-5 Complimentary Call Registration Form

What downtime is available to complete an upgrade?

Is the existing legacy PLC System a stand-alone machine controller or part of a larger PLC architecture?

How many PLC-5 chassis will be a part of the upgrade?

Please estimate the I/O count that will be part of the upgrade:

What are the existing PLC communication protocols?

Does your existing legacy PLC system also feature a Human Machine Interace (HMI)?

Do you have "As-Built" drawings and documentation of the existing legacy PLC System?

Do you have backup files of the existing legacy PLC code with complete rung comments?

Do you want the existing PLC code to be converted for ControlLogix or rewritten to utilize current features? Cates recommends rewriting the PLC code to current standards and features.

Are there any known issues, faults, or broken features of the PLC Control System?

In addition to the PLC-5, do you have any other equipment that needs to be upgraded?

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