PLC-5 End of Life Increases Your Cost and Risk

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The Cost and Risk of Using Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Hardware is Increasing

  • Allen-Bradley® PLC-5® hardware is obsolete. Rockwell Automation discontinued the 1785 and 1771 series hardware in June 2017 and no longer sells or supports it.
  • Many systems continue to use it. These users risk having a failure without an available replacement to minimize downtime. Manufacturers are recommended to complete a PLC-5 migration to the ControlLogix® platform.
  • Replacement parts are expensive and increasingly scarce. Many users now buy expensive components from third party suppliers — increasing the cost and risk as the parts typically do not come with a guarantee.

Assess the Financial Impact of a PLC-5 Failure

Since the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 controls many critical manufacturing processes, the financial risk of a failure and possible mitigation plans should be assessed.

What would the business impact be if a replacement were not available onsite or online?

The potential loss of income and other negative consequences can be used to justify the PLC-5 migration to ControlLogix.

 Map Out Your PLC-5 Migration to ControlLogix –
Planning Ahead is Critical

Planning your PLC-5 conversion to the latest ControlLogix platform is something that all engineering, plant and maintenance managers should be investing in now.

Planning ahead offers the following benefits: 

  • Completion in the timeframe you need: Since scheduled PLC-5 upgrades can take weeks or months depending on the level of I/O replacement, software integration and available downtime, planning is crucial for completing the migration in your desired timeframe
  • Increased scheduling options: Planned migrations can be done over time and at your convenience to satisfy ongoing production schedules
  • Reduced cost, risk and stress: Planned migrations are less expensive and reduce the risks associated with upgrading an entire facility at once 

Don’t wait until you experience loss of production to upgrade!

Unplanned PLC-5 upgrades are significantly more expensive
and stressful than planned upgrades.

Rockwall Automation System Integrator

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We are a certified Rockwall Automation system integrator. Our engineers have completed over 200 system conversions for Fortune 500 companies with stringent deadlines.

Take Advantage of Our Upgrade Program

  1. Complimentary System Assessment Call: Discuss your current PLC-5 equipment status, migration path, priorities and concerns with our expert migration engineers. Our goal is to guide and support you through the upgrade process. We’ll also schedule your System Analysis, and based on the size and complexity of your system we’ll determine if it can be completed remotely or if a site visit is required.
  1. Complimentary On-Site or Remote System Analysis: We’ll analyze your system and provide you with a hardware assessment, replacement cost and proposed schedule.  If the analysis will be done remotely we’ll ask you to upload photos and other information prior to the conference call to ensure we develop a complete perspective of your system.


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